Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?
Please use our Contact Page. We will respond as soon as we are able.

How soon do I need to place my order?
We suggest ordering your cake as far in advance as possible. It is best to reserve your date with a deposit and then decide on all of the design details, than it is to wait and hope there is still availability. When it comes time to secure the details of your order, the following items would be best decided upon before designing your cake: venue, clothing, wedding colors/theme, flowers, and flower colors. Once these decisions are made, a design can be completed with all of these things in mind, tying your event together.

Can I schedule a cake tasting?
Yes. Cake tastings are $50 and include four flavors of cake and four frostings and/or fillings. If you decide to order from The Cake Flower within a week of the tasting, the $50 will be put towards your cake order. 

Can I do a small tiered wedding cake and supplement with sheet cakes?
We can provide a smaller tiered cake with additional sheet cakes. As part of the agreement between the client and the customer, we ask you to not misrepresent The Cake Flower by using additional cakes acquired from other sources at your event.  

Are you available to make a cake on my wedding day?
Not usually, however, if you are in a jam, we will try our best to help you out.

Can a design be copied from a picture?
Yes! Since we are custom design shop, we will always want to know how we can make the design uniquely yours. Please do know that a lot of pictures in magazines and on Pinterest of wedding cakes are touched up and oftentimes not real. Each wedding cake is a piece of art and and each artist is different, but we will do our best to capture the feel and artistry behind the design that you would like. The more pictures and designs and color samples you can contribute to the design of the cake, the better. We can get a complete feel of what you would like your cake to look like. Imagine two children drawing a picture of a house. We all have a general idea of what a stick-figure drawing of what a house would look like on paper. However, each child would draw two completely different renditions! One house would have three windows, the other would have two doors. One would have a swing on the tree outside the window, the other would have a mailbox and a winding path and bushes. We want to make sure that our cake matches the vision that you have in mind. The more information we have, the better! Pinterest boards are especially helpful when looking for ideas. 

How many servings should I order?
This is quite difficult to determine due to the many factors that lead to the amount of guests you could have at a wedding. First, consider what food you will be serving at your event. Will there be a full meal served and is the cake you are ordering the only dessert? Are there other desserts you will be serving? (Puff pastries, cheesecake, etc.) At what time will you be planning to serve the cake? If it is at the end of the reception, you will have less guests than you would if you cut the cake in the middle of the reception. Take a look at the following link for some advice on how to anticipate the number of guests at your event. http://weddings.about.com/od/getorganized/a/howmanyinvite.htm 

My reception is outside, will my cake melt?
It is best to keep your cake in a shaded area. Our cakes will not melt if they are out of direct sunlight, but there are factors that can affect the integrity of the cake. We would always recommend keeping a cake in a climate-controlled room, but we do our best to accommodate all situations.

Can you match my colors for decorations on the cake?
Yes, we can match colors for decorations and flowers quite closely. We will do our best to make sure the colors are as close as they can be. Some colors cannot be matched precisely due to the use of a luster or sheen and also the types of environments the cake may be subjected to. 

Do you deliver?  Can I pick up my cake?
We are happy to have you pick up smaller orders, however, our cakes are only guaranteed when they are delivered. We work meticulously to make sure that the cake can be transported safely to its final location. If you are ordering a cake over two tiers, it will need to be assembled on-site. However, there are many different situations for cake delivery based on the design of your cake, which can be discussed when ordering. Often, the cake will need to be assembled and decorated by The Cake Flower, and will not be available for customer pick-up. These options will be clear when ordering.

What is the pricing for delivery?
Clients with events within 25 miles of The Cake Flower will be charged a $50 delivery and set-up fee. Please provide the address for delivery at the time of ordering.

Events outside of this 25 mile radius will incur an additional $10/5 mile fee.   

Do you deliver on Sunday?
We do not deliver on Sundays. 

How many flavors can I choose?
You can choose as many as you would like. Each tier can be a different flavor combination. Please see our pricing page for additional information on flavors and fillings.

Do you offer dairy-free or gluten-free products?
At this present time, we do not offer dairy-free or gluten-free products, but we are in the process of developing some recipes, so please check back.

Can I order a Groom’s Cake?
Absolutely! We are happy to design this with you, as well. Groom’s Cakes are discounted at 15% off when ordering a wedding cake from The Cake Flower. (If the Groom’s Cake price ends up exceeding the actual wedding cake price, the discount will be deducted from the wedding cake price.)

Can you put fresh flowers on my cake?
The use of pesticides and non-organic growing methods can make your cake unsafe for guests to eat. Many clients and florists are also unaware of which florals are poisonous. The Cake Flower can create sugar flowers if you so choose. Please see our pricing page for more information on gumpaste flowers. However, you and your florist can work together to arrange the use of live flowers and they can be put on after the cake has been delivered and set up. 

Can you use my wedding cake topper?  Can you put my topper on for me?
Yes, we can use your topper. We recommend bringing your topper in as close to your ordering time as possible so that it can be worked into the design of your cake. 

Can you use my cake stand?
We can use your cake stand, but please know that we do not guarantee the integrity of our cakes on any other stands but the ones that we rent out. The Cake Flower rents out cake stands. Please see our pricing page for more information.

How should I display my cake?
Lighting is very important! This is especially important for cakes with metallic elements. Prepare a place to showcase your cake so that your guests can see it properly. The cake may look the exact color of the ribbon on your bouquet at our bakery, but in the wrong light, in may look entirely different.

See the link below for more tips on ordering a wedding cake:


How do I reserve my wedding date? How and when do I remit payment?
Once you have had your consultation, we will give you a copy of our contract and a detailed quote with your prospective design. A non-refundable deposit of 50%, along with a signed copy of the contract are required to place an order and secure a delivery date. Once the deposit and the contract are received, your wedding date is reserved.

The remaining balance is due two (2) weeks prior to the delivery (or pick-up) date.

Can I make changes after I’ve ordered my cake?
Any changes to the order are subject to availability, must be made in writing no later than one (1) month prior to delivery (or pick-up) and may incur additional charges.

How do I pay for my cake?
Payment can be made via cash or check (payable to Natalie Paukstys).  The Cake Flower accepts Mastercard, Discover, Visa, and American Express. 

If the contract is cancelled, The Cake Flower will retain the entire deposit amount. For cancellations within seven (7) business days prior to the event, the entire amount of the contract is still owed to The Cake Flower. The balance payment is refundable provided The Cake Flower is notified at least seven (7) business days prior to the event.