Pricing (minimum cake order of $200)

The following prices reflect the cost per tier. Wedding servings are used as the industry standard for cake prices. The sizing for this standard cake serving is 1”x2”x4″. Frequently, depending on the type of cake ordered, The Cake Flower’s slices are a little taller. We still charge for the smaller size, regardless of height. Please note that this is a base cost for any of our cakes with any of our flavors, frostings, and fillings. Extra decor, sugar flowers, and custom sculpting or designs incur additional fees.

Popular Sizes


6″-8″-10″ – $444.00 (serves 74)

6″-8″-10″-12″ – $780.00 (serves 130)

6″-8″ – $216.00 (serves 36)


6″-8″-10″ – $555.00 (serves 74)

6″-8″-10″-12″ – $975.00 (serves 130)

6″-8″ – $270.00 (serves 36)

Buttercream Prices ($6.00/wedding serving) + tax

    • 6” – $72.00 (12 wedding servings; 8 party servings)
    • 8” – $144.00 (24 wedding servings; 20 party servings)
    • 10” – $228.00 (38 wedding servings; 28 party servings)
    • 12” – $336.00 (56 wedding servings; 40 party servings)

Fondant Prices ($7.50/wedding serving) + tax

    • 6” – $90.00 (12 wedding servings; 8 party servings)
    • 8” – $180.00 (24 wedding servings; 20 party servings)
    • 10” – $285.00 (38 wedding servings; 28 party servings)
    • 12” – $420.00 (56 wedding servings; 40 party servings)

Our Fondant Difference and Why You May Want to Replace a Buttercream Cake

The common misconception about fondant is that it replaces frosting on a cake. It does not, especially at The Cake Flower. We love cake with frosting and our cakes are just that, even with fondant on them. Each cake is filled with delicious, from-scratch frostings and fillings that complement each cake. We use a delicious Marshmallow Fondant (MMF) on our cakes, often colored and flavored with candy melts and/or semisweet chocolate. Although our fondant is very delicious, and, of course, edible, we still value the traditional combination of cake and frosting. When you order a fondant-covered Cake Flower cake, you receive a scrumptious masterpiece: a cake filled with frosting and/or other delicious fillings, covered in ganache or frosting and then draped in delicate Marshmallow Fondant. Your guests will still be pleased to eat a decadent traditional cake covered with beautiful fondant. We think of it as the perfect finish to your cake. Do not be afraid to order fondant! We promise that the artistry of fondant will not compensate the delectable taste of your cake.

All Other Sizes and Shapes, Including Sculpted Cakes, Available Upon Request

Sugar Flower Arrangements and Extra Decor

Flower topper – add $.25 per serving ($6.25/serving on a buttercream cake; $7.75/serving on a fondant cake)
Flower clusters in small groupings – add $.50 per serving ($6.50/serving on a buttercream cake; $8.00/serving on a fondant cake)
Full flower cascade or one extra large focal piece – add $.75 per serving ($6.75/serving on a buttercream cake; $8.25/serving on a fondant cake)
Example: Two-tier fondant 6” and 8” wedding cake with Flower Clusters in Small Groupings would be priced as follows:
    • $8.00/serving
    • $96.00 for 6” (12 servings)
    • $192.00 for 8” (24 servings)
  • Total: $288 + tax

All Other Decorations

Ribbon and small piping designs (such as rosettes) on each tier would be included in the above prices.
Decorated Fondant Board: included, based on design
Each tier can also be rated on a scale of 1-3, based on complexity and added time. This excludes flowers, but can include intricate piping designs, drapery, edible cake lace, metallic painting and glitter, sculpture work, fondant lettering, and additional decorations on a fondant board, etc. An additional charge of $10-30 per tier can be added based on the design. This quote will be given to you at time of ordering.

Cake Pedestal and Cake Stand Rentals

All cake pedestals require a $100 deposit. Stands require a $50 deposit, which will be refunded to you upon return of the item in the condition it was rented within four days of the event. Cake pedestals require a $30 rental fee. Cake stands require a $10 rental fee.

Cake Dummy Prices

Cake Dummies are a good way to cut down on servings at an event, especially when the design that has been chosen is larger than the cake servings needed. For this purpose, we are happy to substitute in cake dummies when needed for cakes larger than three tiers.  A substitution of a cake dummy will be priced at 60% of the stated price for each tier, both for buttercream and for fondant.
For example, a 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12″ fondant cake would normally be $975 (130 wedding cake servings). If you were to substitute in a fondant-covered dummy for the 12” tier, your cake would be $807 (74 wedding cake servings). Cake Dummies for any tier require a $20 deposit. Cake Dummies must be returned within 4 days of the event in order for a full refund. Please do not wash, de-construct or un-decorate the cake dummy. We will take care of that for you.
*Please note: as part of The Cake Flower’s contractual agreement, please do not provide additional cake from other establishments. All cake (including sheet cakes) must be ordered from The Cake Flower. Ordering cake from another establishment misrepresents The Cake Flower and its high-quality products. Doing so may incur additional fees, up to the amount of the cake ordered from The Cake Flower.

Cake Delivery or Pick-up

Our cakes are guaranteed when they are delivered. Clients with events within 25 miles of The Cake Flower will be charged a $50 delivery and set-up fee. All other deliveries will incur an additional $10/5 mile fee. Please provide the address for delivery at the time of ordering.
We are happy to have you pick up your order. We work meticulously to make sure that the cake can be transported safely to its final location. However, we only guarantee the safety of the cake if it is delivered. If you are ordering a cake over two-tiers, it will need to be assembled on-site. Sometimes this can be done by the client. Most times, it will need to be assembled and decorated by The Cake Flower, and will not be available for customer pick-up.

Payment and Deposit

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to place an order and secure a delivery date. The remaining balance is due two (2) weeks prior to the delivery date. Any changes to the order are subject to availability, must be made in writing no later than one (1) month prior to delivery and may incur additional charges.
Payment can be made via cash or check (payable to Natalie Paukstys). The Cake Flower accepts Mastercard, Discover, Visa, and American Express through a trusted third-party invoicing system.
If the contract is cancelled, The Cake Flower will retain the entire deposit amount. For cancellations within seven (7) business days prior to the event, the entire amount of the contract is still owed to The Cake Flower. The balance payment is refundable provided The Cake Flower is notified at least seven (7) business days prior to the event.